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Life Without Oil Is Not As Simple As You May Think by The Elephant's Child

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A reminder that some people should be careful what they wish for. For example, buried in ‘other products made with Oil’ we find fertilizers, which have greatly boosted world food production.


Comment by oldbrew

Ah, but the fact that plants are delighted to receive the nitrogen derived from fertilizers derived from petroleum has spawned the whole phony Organic Food business which means paying roughly 35% more for your organic vegetables for no benefits to your health whatsoever. You also get to risk infection from e -coli from steer or chicken manure. I avoid anything organic, but food retailers have become so scared of being rejected that all sorts of unlikely products claim their “organic” origins. I must confess that I once bought a bottle of Lemon Verbena lotion *organic label” because I love lemon verbena. But someone is advertising organic bed-sheets on the radio. Oh Please! And there are all sorts of products, made with tree fruit that are labeled organic because the tree was supposedly fertilized with manure. I’v had that chart for a long time, but with cities trying to collect from Big Oil for the cost of their climate favoring policies, it seemed like a good time to post it again.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

What about golf balls ,clubs, waterproof suits, caps, flags – the list is endless!


Comment by waterside4

Water Heaters Manual

Life Without Oil Is Not As Simple As You May Think | American Elephants


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