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And About that “Green New Deal” by The Elephant's Child
February 2, 2021, 9:27 pm
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We are hearing a lot these days about AOC, Anastasia Ocasia Cortez and her “Green New Deal”, but nobody seems to ask just where her expertise on matters climate comes from. Apparently, it doesn’t. She just believes. Sorry, that’s not good enough. She is asking us to spend billions of dollars to stop the climate from changing. She announces that we have just 12 years, I think it is, until it’s all over. All over what? The earth blows up? Why should we believe AOC about anything? Because she has “the Squad’? None of them seem to have any qualifications to be lecturing us on anything about the climate. Climate Depot has an excellent film, downloadable, that explains where we are. I urge you to consider it.

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