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You Really Don’t Want to Make the American People Angry! by The Elephant's Child
October 6, 2021, 9:37 pm
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It is getting really weird out there! The American people are deeply unhappy with this president. It’s not just the rude shouts in sports stadiums, that’s appearing wherever he turns up. The columns online are ubiquitous. President Biden was told early on that ice cream cones were a “good symbol”, and I haven’t seen him without an ice cream cone in months! He’s still desperately trying to blame anything and everything on Donald Trump. Not going to work. Donald Trump was a very good president and accomplished a lot for the American people.

I am deeply troubled by Biden’s immigration problem. Inviting the rest of the world to come, sneak across the border, and suggesting that we will promptly make them citizens seems like an unbelievable error. We have an orderly process for those who want to come to America and become citizens. You go to your nearest American consulate or embassy, sign up, and wait your turn. Thousands from Afghanistan, thousands from Central America, thousands from Haiti, Africa, and South America. We’ve now just had an example of a man convicted of murder in Florida, caught again at the border trying to get back in.

President Biden’s approval ratings continue their steady decline. We’re still trying to get our people out of Afghanistan, our latest, greatest failure.

Democrats are trying to convince the American people that the people who entered the Capitol Building on January 6, were “rioters” viciously attacking the legitimate members of Congress. Curious, I looked up the word “riot”, which by definition includes “violence.” Only violence was when a Capitol policeman shot Ashli Babbit. The people who went into the Capitol building, reportedly walked around, respected the red velvet ropes there to guide visitors, did no damage whatsoever, and, by the way, are as citizens, the owners of the building. We now have films of their incursion, which make it pretty clear that there was no riot, and certainly no violence. Keep that one in mind when you are listening to Democrats sound off.

Today’s major flap seems to be that School Boards all over the country have had parents turn up (Parents!) to protest what is going on in the schools, protest some of the curriculum, and suggest that the school boards are not doing their job. Apparently astonished that parents would assume that they have anything whatsoever to say about what their children are being taught! How interesting to learn that school boards are unaware of who elects them, and who can fire them. I’m getting a sense of citizens slowly becoming aware of an establishment that does not understand who is in charge, and the power that they have. We’ll see.

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War is coming….

Chinese State Media Warns U.S.: ‘War May Be Triggered At Any Time’ Over Taiwan

Biden’s feckless incompetence in Afghanistan has indicated to Chinese leaders that he won’t risk war to defend Taiwan. Pressure will continue to increase until Biden gives in.


Comment by dscott8186

Whether that is serious or trying to warn us off remains to be seen (unfortunately). There’s some odd underlying problems. Back in 1980, China got worried about overpopulation, and instituted a one child per family policy to curb that, to be enforced with forced abortions, etc. If they could have only one child, Chinese wanted a boy who would take care of them in their old age, could earn money, etc. This brilliant solution ended up with 34 million more men than women!!, and a vast shortage of women of childbearing age. Good for the prostitution industry, but 34 million men would never find wives! Hard to tell what that will mean, but there’s got to be some major repercussions on the military, doesn’t there? Nobody has answered if the Covid virus originating in Wuhan was an accident or an experiment in germ warfare. I have a vague memory of reading about an ancient Chinese edict that said China was destined to rule the world.
China just upped their allowance of children to three, They have supposedly recognized that they may have screwed up with the one child limit. Xi seems to be given to big pronouncements. Criticism at home says too little too late.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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