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I’m Not Happy With the News! by The Elephant's Child
November 7, 2022, 5:48 pm
Filed under: Politics

Not the content. Stuff happens and gets reported, promptly or not, accurately or not, as usual , and I can make up my mind what to think about it. What is bothering me is the current idea that to get attention, the news needs to be about or include a “celebrity”, or perhaps people won’t read it. Those who are writing the news are in search of “important” (like movie star) names or known personalities, and/or boob shots to attract attention. I want my attention attracted by the importance of the revelation, not the phoniness of some connection to a movie personality or known face. I don’t give a hoot about whether the person has been in a movie or washes dishes at a McDonalds or the equivalent.

I was appalled when Paul Pelosi was attacked in his home because his wife leads the Democrats in Congress. First off, it’s just dumb. Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House. and there are lots of Democrats in the House of Representatives. I am not a Democrat and seldom agree with her, but I can’t imagine shooting her because of it, nor that attacking he husband would change her political views.

We seem to have entered an era where shooting someone with whom you disagree is becoming common. There’s a lot of that going on. I haven’t tallied up the unprovoked shootings, but even the idea that there are so many that they need be counted is appalling. I’m not sure which city now ranks as the worst city for shootings, and whether or not the police are to blame. Probably not. The immediate cry is to remove all guns, which sounds good, but is unlikely and improbable. I’ve had guns all my life, and a long list of victims in the rodent and reptile classes. Over 9 rattlesnakes, larger numbers of woodrats, one porcupine, and one lynx who wanted to dine on my cats.

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