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Random Murders? A New and Different Way of Life? by The Elephant's Child
November 19, 2022, 6:10 pm
Filed under: Politics

I don’t remember a time ever so full of murders! Senseless murders. At the University of Idaho several students were just murdered in their residence. Apparently just random. No particular reason, no enemies, no cause. Haven’t found out who did it nor why. That seems to be going on all over the country. Like a new fad. School shootings, Random killings. Does hearing about a seemingly random killing inspire other killers? I’m not sure that this particular time is especially unusual, but it surely seems so. Does seeing or hearing a report of a random killing inspire potential killers? I haven’t seen anyone addressing this question.

Certainly we have seen reports of those who invade stores and make off with the merchandise, which seems to inspire others to try the same thing. Can reports of random murders actually inspire more murders? I have no idea. Can anybody see a report of a murder and think “Oh I’ll go try that”? There certainly seems to be an uptick in the numbers of random killings.Perhaps we’re just not as civilized a society as we thought. I do not get it! I was under the apparently faulty impression that murders were rate and vicious and unacceptable.

Have yous seen reports of similar upticks in other countries? Some sort of worldwide aberration? Or is it just us? Somehow the school shootings seem to be less weird than these random murders. I can vaguely sort of understand how someone could be enraged at their school, but turning it into a school shooting seems way beyond comprehension. That it could happen once is strange beyond belief, that it could be duplicated in other cities or other schools seems impossible!

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