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The Passing of the Spatula by American Elephant

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Mr. Good Judgment himself, the man in the bunny suit, also known as Senator John “I voted for the war before I voted against it” Kerry, yesterday reassured concerned Americans that he is still a world-class flip-flopper by declaring that the man he repeatedly begged to be his running mate lacks the judgment to be president.

Remember, this is the man whose service John McCain defended in the 2004 campaign.

Nonetheless, shilling for Barack Obama, the former Democrat presidential candidate, and eternal loser (who by the way served in Vietnam and has yet to release his full military records), said that John McCain, “has proven that he has been wrong about every judgment he’s made about the war.”

Oh really?

Back in the 2006 election cycle, when John Kerry, Barack Obama and the Democrat party were calling for an, up to then, undefined “change” in Iraq policy — which later turned out to mean unconditional surrender of Iraq to insurgents, terrorists and Iran — John McCain had long been supporting troop increases. A policy that Obama not only opposed, but insisted would never work. A policy that even the liberal press is being forced to admit, has been tremendously successful, and has turned out to be exactly the right strategic decision.

John McCain had exactly the right judgment. If we had followed Barack Obama’s “judgment,” the United States military would have cut and run, and Iraq today would be aflame with genocide and civil/regional war between insurgents, al Qaeda, former Ba’athists and Iran all vying for control of the world’s second largest oil supply.

It’s no wonder Obama has announced that he is “refining” his position. If he’s smart, he’ll go back to his 2004 position when he said he wouldn’t do anything differently than President Bush is doing — because President Bush, like John McCain, is right.

So, it is fitting that Mr. Kerry should be one of Obama’s biggest campaigners. The spatula has passed from one world-class flip-flopper to another. Indeed, not only does Obama seem absolutely determined to out-flop his political predecessor, but even before he has officially clinched the nomination it appears he has already done so.

It’s not just Iraq, although it is major, since the centerpiece of his campaign has been his supposed judgement on Iraq, opposition to the surge, and promises to immediately withdraw — it’s hard to find find an issue on which Obama hasn’t drastically contradicted himself. Some examples:

  1. Campaign Finance: Obama pledged, verbally and in writing, to take part in the federal campaign financing, that is until it became clear he was rolling in money. Then he claimed that the system, which has not changed since he made the pledge, was broken, and that he was going back on his promise because of as yet non-existent Republican 527 attack ads. In reality, the only attack ads thus far have been waged against McCain by the Democrat 527,
  2. NAFTA: During the primary, Obama appealed to his isolationist base by decrying NAFTA and promising, if necessary, unilateral renegotiation. It has since come out that his staff were simultaneously telling Canadian officials not to worry, that Obama was just playing politics and had no intention of following through. Indeed, he admitted as much in an interview, explaining that, “sometimes during campaigns rhetoric gets overheated and amplified.”
  3. Gay Marriage: Obama has claimed that he opposes gay marriage while his wife was simultaneously reassuring gay groups that her husband would repeal DOMA and opposed any federal measures to “discriminate” against gay relationships. Barack has since made clear that he supports the California Supreme Court’s decision, opposes citizen efforts to overturn it, and has come out in favor of full federal recognition of all legally recognized relationships.
  4. Second Amendment: This year Obama praises the Supreme Court’s decision declaring the Washington DC gun ban unconstitutional: last year his campaign assured Democrat voters the Senator believed the ban was entirely constitutional. Just a few months ago he disparaged voters who “cling” to their guns.
  5. Wiretaps: Obama previously assured his deranged base that he would support any filibuster of attempts to protect telephone companies from lawsuits over their cooperation with the government’s warantless wiretaps. Now Obama defends the law congress just passed which does precisely that.
  6. Iran: Obama was widely criticized as naïve for his declaration that America should meet unconditionally with the leaders of Iran, including by Hillary Clinton and other members of his own party. Unsurprizingly, this is another position he has also “refined.” Indeed, the man whose judgment John Kerry extolls can’t even seem to make up his mind whether Iran poses a threat or not.
  7. Patriotism: Again pandering to his America-loathing base, Obama once refused to wear a flag pin on his lapel and disparaged those who did, claiming it was a “substitute for… true patriotism.” Now, not only is Obama not to be seen without his own “substitute” for patriotism prominently displayed on his chest, but routinely wraps himself in up to 40 American flags at once among other purportedly “patriotic” symbols of his own invention.
  8. His Reverend, mentor and spiritual adviser Jeremiah Wright: The Reverend and church he could no more denounce than he could denounce the black community? Obama denounced them.
  9. Special Interests: Obama often criticized both Hillary and John Edwards for taking money from unions which he described as “special interests.” But now that he is accepting union endorsements, and money, “He now refers respectfully to unions as the representatives of ‘working people’ and says he is ‘thrilled’ by their support.
  10. Cuba: Told Democrat voters in 2004 that it was time to end the Cuba embargo, but assured Cuban-Americans in Florida last August that he would not, “take off the embargo” because it is “an important inducement for change.”
  11. Illegal Immigration: Obama, I’m sure you are by now unfazed to hear, has said both that he would and would not “crack down” on employers who hire illegal immigrants.
  12. Marijuana: The candidate for “change” has also changed his position on the criminalization of marijuana, telling college students he would support decriminalizing pot, and opposing the decriminalization of pot when confronted in a Democrat primary debate.
  13. Abortion: Contradicting his own 100% rating from NARAL, and his vote against the ban on partial birth abortion, Obama has softened, if only slightly, his position on abortion, declaring that “mental distress” shouldn’t count as an exception that would allow partial birth abortion. Well, I suppose he can always favor an exception for “severe mental distress,” since it is clear his campaign has become all about weasel words.

It’s becoming clear what Obama means when he promises “change”, its not political change — he is merely promising to change his position depending on what is most politically expedient for Barack Obama.

All this before the primary campaign has even officially begun! It’s no wonder Obama has Kerry out touting his “judgment”, he’s probably one of the few people on planet Earth that could do it with a straight, albeit very long, face.

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Spot-on analysis. First time I’ve read your opinion. You’re bookmarked now. Thanks!


Comment by Cosmo

Outstanding Photoshop. Hilarious! Please distribute it as widely as you can.

The spatula has indeed been passed. I wonder if even Obama can keep his current positions straight anymore. The debates will certainly be interesting (assuming that Obama can muster the courage to show up, unlike his flipflop retreat from Town Halls with McCain). Oh look there’s yet another one!


Comment by Tennyson Hayes

I hope Mr. Kerry enjoyed his reign.

The Waffle King is Dead.

Long live the King.


Comment by Stephen Macklin

Thank you all! We hope you’ll have a look around our humble little blog while youre here.

I had forgotten about his flip flop on town hall meetings with McCain! Thats a good one.

And feel free to use/distribute the image as much as you want. I made it hoping to “get it out there” to mock Obama and Kerry as much as possible. 🙂


Comment by American Elephant

Spot-on analysis. First time I’ve read your opinion. You’re bookmarked now. Thanks!

Cosmo said this on July 8, 2008 at 10:14 am



Comment by Swinehound

He even does back flips on his race as well. How this guy has even made it this far shows how screwed up the media is.

Also, site looks good! I’ll be adding to my favorites.


Comment by stldynamite

Thank you both. We’re glad you like!


Comment by American Elephant

McCain was actually extremely reluctant to defend Kerry’s service against the Republican smear campaign, which tarnished a good soldiers reputation to keep “I stay home with the coastal guards” boy in office. He also refused to appear in a TV spot countering the swiftboating. He was on the best way of losing any Maverick credentials he ever had from that point on.


Comment by Sander


Contrary to Democrat claims, it wasn’t Republicans who criticized Kerry in the Swift Boat ads, it was Republican and Democrat servicemen — hundreds of them. Democrats would have us believe that HUNDREDS of Swift Boat veterans were lying and only John Kerry and the handful of supporters he had were telling the truth. An especially ridiculous assertion since John Kerry was forced several times to change his story, and contrary to his promises and braggadacio, STILL TO THIS DAY refuses to release his military records, some thousands of days later. Indeed, T. Boone Pickens has offered one million dollars to anyone who could prove the claims of the Swift Boat Veterans false. John Kerry made a big deal of saying he would prove it himself and collect that money. No one, including Kerry, has proven anything of the sort, and his records remain locked up. Unlike Bush, unlike McCain who released their records in full. Makes one wonder what he is hiding? He has been asked, and has promised on so many occasions its hard to count them all. Yet he still refuses.

John McCain refused to appear in any ads countering the Swift Boat Veterans claims probabaly because like most rational people, he believed them.

His defense of Kerry was charitable not because Kerry deserved it, but because Kerry didn’t.


Comment by American Elephant

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