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Where Do You Get The News? Is It True? by The Elephant's Child
November 1, 2022, 7:22 pm
Filed under: Politics

Where do you get your news? Radio? Online? Newspaper? Television? Each of these has many sources or selections, of varying authenticity and trustworthiness. If you grew up with your family always listening to a certain station, you may have essentially inherited those preferences.

Some have differing political preferences, and as far as that goes, those reporting the news have differing political preferences, and worldly outlook. So what’s true? Good question. What we Americans believe to be true covers a vast territory, and then we divide up according to our family history, our location, our schooling, and our politics and so on and so forth. Ends up as a pretty iffy business. We may not actually agree on much of anything at all. I don’t know if that is important, but it’s probably important to keep in mind.

A few years back in the 1980’s, China’s President Xi thought it would be a good idea if most families first had a male child. Made abortion services readily available, so everybody had a male child. When they grew up and started looking for mates there was a vast shortage of women. Ooops! I forget the exact numbers, but it was something like 13 million young men who would never find a mate in their own age range. I don’t know if that’s why China invaded Taiwan, but the shortages would suggest some real problems. There are surely some limits to the range of control of society that will work in any country. Does an excess of young men suggest other problems? Of course. Does it make for a more warlike society? Dunno.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine suggests some real problems that seem to be appearing vastly. What does that mean for the rest of the world? Dunno. Can’t even guess. Yet some Ukrainians clearly don’t see themselves as Russian, and vice-versa, I guess. We can’t even answer the big questions, let alone the little ones.

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