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Afghanistan Didn’t Fall, It Never Existed. by The Elephant's Child
August 18, 2021, 12:37 am
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Joe Biden came down from Camp David to make a speech, and tell everybody that it wasn’t his fault. Unfortunately, nobody believes him. It’s an enormous disaster, and he is the President of the United States, no matter how much he wants to blame it on Trump. The Taliban are resurgent and now have American arms to pursue their efforts. They tried to squeeze as many in the departing planes as they could, and one of the most awful scenes was of those who had desperately clung to the outside of the planes, and fell to their deaths when the planes reached altitude.

Islam is a religion, and religious wars attract their adherents even more closely and desperately. We have left something in the nature of 10,000 or more of our people behind,and are trying desperately to get them out. We have sent in another contingent of troops to protect them, but it is a dire situation.

Perhaps one of the better headlines came from Daniel Greenfield at Front Page Magazine: “Afghanistan Didn’t Fall: It Never Existed. By which he meant that it was never a real country anyway.

.Joe Biden is getting most of the blame, and deservedly so. Those who have served there are speaking out. Prince Harry was one who was there. Others blame the generals, some believe the collapse was inevitable while acknowledging the tragedy. Some made policy decisions that shaped the war. Some have been bearing witness to it for two decades. Lots of blame to go around $83 billion in one account. Yet despite all the assistance, Afghanistan’s military and police have proved incapable of securing the country. Another headline “Intel Officials Say They Warned Biden That Afghanistan Would Collapse if U.S. Withdrew, But He Ignored Them.” Mollie Hemingway simply said “The Disaster is the Result of 20 Years Of Failed Strategy”.

So is the lesson to keep out of other folks battles? Better Strategy? Like What?

There will be more wars, and more mistakes, and some triumphs. But if you read a lot of history, you know that things do not always go smoothly. We can only hope to learn from our mistakes, and try to do better next time, for inevitably, there will be a next time. This is the real world, and we are only fallible humans.

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Taiwan is next


Comment by dscott8186

You are probably right, but surely we are not ready to engage China? Having enough trouble with the Hunan virus! China seems to be ramping up their nuclear capabilities.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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