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The Golden Age of Stupidity by The Elephant's Child
August 29, 2021, 9:25 pm
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A column in today’s Wall Street Journal carries the title “You Are Living In the Golden Age of Stupidity”. The subhead suggests that “The convergence of many seemingly unrelated elements has produced an explosion of brainlessness.” That sounds about right. It is accompanied by a picture of several people carrying signs “Medical Choice is a Human Right”, “No Forced Injections,”and “Say No to Vaccine Mandates” Good Grief!

The injections are not to protect you, you saps. They are meant to be a step towards protecting the whole country from a world wide pandemic. In the U.S. so far, there have been 39,343,501 confirmed cases of Corona virus and 648,054 deaths. That is very big deal indeed, a lot of dead Americans. They are not trying to protect you, but the people you might infect, and kill. Your personal indignation at having to submit to a vaccination, in that light, does not count for much. That’s why they are calling it a worldwide pandemic, why countries are trying to keep people from other countries who might not have as high standards for vaccination — out.

P.S. We were warned, early on, to avoid touching our face with our hands to be safe. Probably a good idea.

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Sorry, but I respectfully disagree. Three reasons:

1.) Until just a week ago ALL the vaccines were only authorized for emergency use, and even now only one is fully approved. That is an admission that there is uncertainty involved making hesitancyba perfectly reasonable position.

2.) Natural immunity is being completely ignored. If stopping the spread were the primary objective it makes no sense while the vaccines are limited in availability (and WW they most decidedly are) to vaccinate those who have had and recovered from Cov2 instead of the most highly vulnerable of the unvaccinated.

3.) It is a statistical fact that Cov2 is only about as lethal as influenza to healthy folks under 40, and significantly less so to those under 20.

Sweden was right. Protect the most vulnerable as well and as fast as you can and understand that natural immunity will protect those to whom the virus is known to be low risk. Simple math dictates that THAT is how you achieve herd immunity as quickly as possible.

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Comment by MDN

Your #1 response is completely incorrect.. Vaccines have been available for over a year, fully authorized by the FDA. There is no “natural immunity”. Vaccines are widely available, here most grocery store pharmacies have appointments readily available, and that is true across the country. We got our vaccination back in March. A lot of people have died from the pandemic. Masks are to protect other people from you, not to protect you. The only way to control the disease is for everybody to get vaccinated.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

If there is no natural immunity, there is no vaccine immunity.

The #1 response was 100% correct. All currently available vaccines are only on EUA, regardless of how long they’ve been available. That is not “fully authorized” by the FDA by any stretch of the imagination. The only one approved for non-EUA is not available yet.

Yes, a lot of people have died with covid (not necessarily of covid). But a lot oh people have died because of the vaccines as well. Far more than any other vaccine that wasn’t immediately withdrawn.

Masks have shown themselves to be statistically useless; makes no difference with or without mask mandates.

You don’t get it; there is no controlling this disease. All we are doing is expanding the time it takes for everyone to get exposed to variants that the vaccines don’t work on. Two thirds of all UK deaths in 2021 were of fully vaccinated people. Israel, with nearly 80% vaccination rate, is in the midst of a roaring spike in cases. Vaccines don’t prevent you from getting the covid, or from transmitting it. The vaccinated are the origin of the variants, and will eventually generate a variant that passes on to everyone.

If the vaccines cause enough myocarditis, 60% of the people vaccinated will be dead from heart failure within 5 years. Getting vaccinated is like getting in to the boxcars.

Quit parroting White House and CDC propaganda.


Comment by ruralcounsel

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Thanks, Pirate!


Comment by The Elephant's Child

i thought elephants were smart.


Comment by rab

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